The brand directory is a list of all brands, companies, people, shows, products, and networks associated with the Jason Slack Brand.

Jason Slack Brand Directory A-Z             


40VisionFilms – Films, television shows

40Vision Tv – Kids entertainment news, sports, interviews, comedy skits, dance, etc.

April Carper – President of Dare to Visualize Photography

Celeste Howard – Record Executive, CEO of HSF Entertainment

Chapters of a Man’s Mind – A Podcast Show

DAKOTA RADDEN – Host of the Raw & Uncut Podcast Show.

Dare to Visualize – Photography, Video, Event planning, and Facebook live.

Dirtygrinz – A Clothing Company

Every Step of the Way Discussions – A podcast Show

GodStar – Executive of several Companies within the brand.

Godstar Productions – A Production Team

HSF Entertainment – Management, Representation.

HSF Global – Touring

Jason Slack – Owner of the Jason Slack Brand

Jason Slack Publishing – Books, Magazines.

Jay Vision Studios – Film Production Studio.

Music Central – Music channel on Vision Live Television

Raw & Uncut – Podcast Show

Rob Hollin – Host of the Sports Dynasty Podcast

Ronnie – Host of Let’s talk about us Podcast

Slack Is Talk Podcast – Podcast

Sports Core Network – Sports Broadcasting

Sports Core Report – Sports beat writers

Sports Dynasty – Sports Podcast

Star Publishing – Music Publishing Company

TMF – The Money Family

TMF Capital – Investments

The Write Vision – Entertainment News

Vision 4 kids – Education, recreation, mentorship.

Vision Live Market Place – Online Retail Store

Vision Live Media – Television Network

Vision Live Network – Media Broadcasting

Vision Live Radio – Radio station

Vision Premiere – Movie Channel

Vision Works -Website, App, and Web development.

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