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A film producer who grew up in Southside Jamaica Queens. He is the first person to produce a film in the 40 projects neighborhood. He started writing when he was 15 years old. He wrote, directed and Executive produced his first film Rowe. Rowe is the first film produced by Jason’s production company 40Visionfilms. All of his films and projects are created at Jay Vision studios, which he also owns. After the start of 40Visionfilms, Jason decided to branch out and create a brand. Some of the companies he either owns or co-owns include Vision Live Network, HSF Entertainment, and Sports Core Network. Jason is 1/3 member of The Money Family (TMF). Together they own several companies, networks, foundations, corporations, teams, etc. On January 1, 2021, the Slack is Talk Podcast debuted on the Vision Live Network. It became the first show to air on the network.

Jason Slack

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Jason Slack





February 25, 1981

Jamaica Queens, NY
Film, Management, Podcast, Books


Rowe, Wedding Day


·         Chris Foster, Celeste Howard

Years active

Since 2014

Head Quarters

New York, South Carolina


·         Vision 4 Kids




www.40visionfilms.com   www.jasonslackbrand.com





Jason Slack (born on February 25, 1981) is an American writer, host, filmmaker and Executive. He is a screen writer/film producer who grew up in the Jamaica Queens section of New York. He is famously known for being the 1st and only person from 40 projects to write a film and direct it in that same neighborhood. Being able to film in the very same place where he was born and raised was a special accomplishment to Jason.  He was told by many people that lived there that nothing like this was ever done here before and that he would be a part of history. He also has the honor of being able to say that his first film was done at home where his writing originally developed.




Early life


Jason began having an interest in films at a young age. He started out by creating short stories and writing different outcomes for movies that he had saw. Since writing was a regular hobby, it didn’t take long for his talent to become superior amongst his peers. In addition to being a great writer, he was also recognized for having a unique and extended imagination. He is known for never being short on ideas. Jason was once credited for writing and producing a date that one of his friends went on. This event required Jason to create, write, and plan all details for the date, including recording and editing.  Upon completion, the date was met with much success and all positive reviews. That event along with many others is what led to the creation of 40Visionfilms



The Jason Slack Brand

The brand was built in 2014 by Jason Slack with the start of 40Visionfilms. Mr. Slack’s first love and claim to fame is film production. His first film is a movie drama called Rowe. Always looking to expand business, Jason has since started several other ventures. The brand is structured to include parent companies, one of which is 40visionfilms. Other companies under the umbrella consist of the Vision Live Network, the Write Vision, Jay Vision Studios, Dare to Visualize (events & photography), and vision 4 kids. Jason Slack has two business partners, Chris Foster, and Celeste Howard. (See Chris Foster bio or celeste Howard bio). All parties have stated that they are most proud of creating the Vision 4 kids foundation. A foundation aimed at helping kids through education and recreation. What makes the brand stand out is the idea of it not only consisting of companies, but Networks, corporations, housing companies, divisions, and inventions. The brand already has one of the biggest profiles on the market and has the potential to grow even further.

Personal Life

Jason Slack is an avid Duke Blue Devil basketball fan.

Film work




Credited as












Executive Producer


A Wedding Day





Executive Producer


Jason Slack  Job Titles

Film Producer           Writer                Host                Video Director     Mentor

Executive                   Designer      Radio Personality       Author           Manager

Photographer          Film Director        Web Developer      Coach       Rapper

Investor                      Actor               Consultant            Sports Analyst    Owner

Promoter    Brand Ambassador    Commercial Creator    App Developer   Mogul

Executive Producer

march, 2024

Head Coach

Coach Hank is a 13-time AAU championship coach. He Is the first AAU coach to win seven championships in less than a year and also winning five in a row. His coaching style preaches hard work, dedication, and having good chemistry over X and O’s. He’s a player’s coach that goes to bat for his players.  

Sports Personality

Jason Slack
Jason Slack

Jason Slack is a Sports Personality for the Sports Core Network.


Jason Slack

Film Producer, writer, and Host

Jason Slack is the Senior adviser for Write Vision News.

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