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HSF Management is a full-fledged management and entertainment company. The company represents filmmakers, recording artist, song writers, producers, directors, athletes, actors, authors, etc. HSF has a number of different divisions to cater to all types of clients. The company operates as a one stop shop. Some of our services include music/film production, radio/podcast appearances, tv, books, web development, etc. We build brands.

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Celeste Howard

The founder of HSF Management. She is responsible for the success of several Brands and corporations.

Jason Slack

Making sure all Brands and clients have the best representation and access to all platforms to showcase their talent.

Chris Foster

Production and product is key. I help create and develop artistry, so that my roster is both marketable and in high demand.

Celeste Howard   Got her start in the industry in 2011 as an A&R. With over a decade of experience, she has a background in both professional and artist development. She has worked with various independent artist in the industry ranging in all genre’s. Although, she got her start in music, Celeste decided to expand. Her roster now includes film producers, designers, athletes, and authors to name a few. Staying true to her moniker of thinking big, she also decided to not only represent individual clients, but also manage companies and brands. She is responsible for over-seeing the success of several businesses as we know today. She founded HSF management so that all her clients can have a professional home base. Now in addition of having access to her network and services, they can now meet all their professional needs in one place.







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Managment companies manage people. I manage companies, corporations, networks, and build brands.”

Jason Slack


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