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Vision Live Network

The Vision Live Network is a Podcast, Radio, Music, and Television hosting and streaming platform. The network produces its own original content that can also be found on all other popular platforms. Vision Live Network was established in 2021 and became the first media platform to produce all of its own content. The network started with the introduction of the Slack is Talk Podcast and the podcast lineup has been expanding every since. Vision Live Radio is an urban radio station licensed in New Jersey. The station broadcasts in the contemporary format. It is owned by the Vision Live Network and it operates as a media communications company. Vision Live radio is the home of many of your favorite DJ’s and radio personalities. The station is exclusively available on the Vision Live Network app. Vision Live Television is a television provider that currently has 5 different channels.  In addition to being an entertainment company, the network also has a well established business platform. Vision Live has a membership based operation for clients to satisfy all their business requirements such as hosting, distribution, editing, to name a few. In April 2021, Vision Live Marketplace was established so Corporations, Vendors, and Retailers can sell/buy products and provide services to customers while having access to the biggest Marketing and Entertainment Network in the world.

Sport Core Network

The Sports Core Network is the #1 Sports Entertainment Network in the world. The Network provides Sports coverage by way of television, radio, podcast, internet and news. The network covers all sports. All updated news can be found on Sports Core Tv can be watched on Vision Live Television. Sports Core Radio is set to premiere later this year with at least one show set to air twice a week daily. It was announced that the Sports Dynasty Podcast (the official podcast for the sports core network) hosted by Rob Hollin is also set to debut sometime in 2021. All writers, radio host and broadcasters for the network are a part of the Sports Core Report.

Vision Live Television

A Kids channel created by Vision 4 Kids. It currently operates as a channel on Vision Live Television. Content for the channel include kid dance videos, commercials, interviews, talk shows, comedy skits, advertisements, social media coverage, sports, etc. 40Vision Tv was created exclusively for Vision 4 kids.