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A film producer who grew up in Southside Jamaica Queens. He started writing when he was 15 years old. He wrote, directed and Executive produced his first film Rowe. Rowe is the first film produced by Jason’s production company 40Visionfilms. All of his films and projects are created at Jay Vision studios, which is owned by Mr. Slack. After the start of 40Visionfilms, Jason decided to branch out and create the Jason Slack Brand.

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2016My Wedding DayYesYesYesNoN/A

Written, produced, & Directed by



40visionfilms was founded by Jason Slack in 2014, at the request of several people who he had written or completed projects for. The company’s two primary locations are New York City and Columbia South Carolina. Most of the company’s content is created inside Jay Vision Studios located in Columbia. The company’s primary focuses are films, television, and stage plays. So far, 40visionfilms has written, produced, and directed, two projects. The first feature film Rowe, was written and produced by Jason slack. Anthony Roberts [the documentary of a wedding] was also directed and Executive Produced by Jason slack. The documentary was a straight to DVD release and it can also be streamed online. It has been critically acclaimed and met with great success since its release.

Jay Vision Studios

Most films and projects are produced at Jay vision studios, located in Columbia, South Carolina. 40Visionfilms also has an office in New York. The company has plans on filming all over the United States and anywhere a permit is required.  Production that takes place inside Jay Vision Studios include writing, filming, pre-production, and editing. The studio has 2 credits to date (ROWE and Anthony Roberts wedding day). Jay Vision Studios is property of 40Visionfilms and is owned by Jason Slack & GodStar.        

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What The Fans are Saying

Robert Price
Robert Price@Robertprice
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Surprisingly shocking from start to finish! The movie hits on all angles. Very crafty writing! Story has the ability to become drama of the year. Very dramatic and highly entertaining. - Robert Price
David Mackey
David Mackey@davidmackey
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Rowe is a true mystery. The script had me guessing all the way towards the end. The story was cleverly written. It captured my imagination and curiosity. Rowe will definitely be a must see. - David Mack
Thaddeus Mccants
Thaddeus Mccants@T.mccants
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A thriller! Rowe defines the word mystery. The story will definitely capture all audiences. Viewers will be sitting at the edge of their seats wondering what will happen next. Rowe will deliver on all expectations.

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My greatest achievement in life is overcoming being told i can’t accomplish my dreams and being looked down on because of where i’m from. My goal was to make them look up at Vision while it comes to life.

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